Galvanized Steel Raised Garden bed

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Raised garden beds, also called garden boxes, are great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers. They keep pathway weeds from your garden soil, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails. The sides of the beds keep your valuable garden soil from being eroded or washed away during heavy rains. In many regions, gardeners are able to plant earlier in the season because the soil is warmer and better drained when it is above ground level.

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* Suitable for planting vegetables,flowers and plants in your courtyard.

* Made of galvanized metal plate, wave structure and round /oval/rectangle shape.

* Beautifully,Stable and durable.

*Raised beds are easier to plant, with fewer pests and weeds.

*SAFETY: Bottomless design, plants didn't touch the metal and eco-friendly coating do not contaminate soil, safe for plants and humans.



Item Description: Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Grow Bed Corrugated Sheet Garden Planter Box Raised Vegetable Garden Bed
 Thickness Plate thickness:0.6mmCorner thickness:0.8mm
Material Corrugate color steel panel
Color Cream,green,white,black gray,dark brown,orange,blue,red
Application flower pot,flower bed,flower planting,vegetable bed,garden bed
Material: Galvanized Steel
Item Size: Customized
Packing: Carton or customized
Samples Time: 1-2days for existing samples/about 7days for customized samples

Product knowledge

* The secret to grow beautiful plants is healthy roots. This deep planter box will encourage roots to grow stronger and healthier.

* Grow fruits and vegetables from your own garden, You get to taste wonderful freshness and juiciness.

* This garden bed kit has rolled safety edges to avoid being scratch by the edge when Gardening.

* Made of Anti rust thick galvanized steel, the perfect material for long lasting planter boxes.

* Quick and easy installation with easy-to-follow instructions.



1. Installation:, provide extra large growing space to raise vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants.

2. OPEN-BOTTOM GARDEN BED: Built with an open base to prevent water buildup and rot, while allowing roots easy access to nutrients.

3. SAFETY: Bottomless design, plants didn't touch the metal and eco-friendly coating do not contaminate soil, safe for plants and humans.

4. EASY ASSEMBLY: Beveled edges can easily be screwed to the sides using a Phillips screwdriver and the included wingnuts and screws so it's ready in no time.

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